LSMOC Pooh Bear Run

Sun, 18th July 2021

Join LSMOC at their annual Pooh Bear Run!

Meet at CR0 9UG - New Addington Industrial Estate, 09:00am for  09:30am Sharp.


It's time for a trip to the 100 acre wood for a game Pooh sticks again. A gentle drive from New Addington to Hartfield and the souvenir shop, with a half hour stop before moving on to pooh sticks bridge.  Then a short run to the picnic site and lunch. 


Everyone welcome. Don't forget to bring a picnic, oh and don't forget to bring your bears!

The Rules

A game for two players or more, in the traditional version of poohsticks the participants must drop a stick simultaneously on the upstream side of a bridge and run to the other side. The winner is the player whose stick first appears on the other side of the bridge. Alternatively, players may decide upon a starting point on a river and a finish line farther downstream. The winner is the player whose stick first passes the finishing point.

It is generally agreed that the stick must be made of organic materials, preferably willow, and not of any artificial materials. All participants must drop their sticks at the same time, usually after a referee shouts "drop", "twitch" or any other agreed keyword. Additionally, no advantage may be gained through either dismantling the bridge or the use of any self-propelling stick devices. The stick must be dropped, not thrown, into the water and any player who is deemed to have thrown their stick is disqualified.